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and DEVELOP impact

We geared towards being at the intersection of humanities and sustainable development in Africa.

We design, develop and integrate impact solutions with technology and humanics to create sustainable social-economic growth in the continent. 

Design & implementation of sustainable impact solutions.

We design and implement sustainable impact solutions across eight Sustainable Development Goals to create social, environmental, and economic impact  in the continent.

Empowering Africa's youth  through impact solutions.

Africa's youth stand at more than 70% of the continent's population therefore can contribute towards building a versatile continent when included and supported through impact solutions development.

Leverage technology
as a development infrastructure.

Technology such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence can be leveraged as development infrastructure that fosters fast adoption and adaption of services and products that contribute to positive social, environmental and economic impact.

Merging creativity with impact.

We explore different creative approaches that are innovatively diversified. 

Therefore, we formulate partnerships and opportunities to develop and work on projects and programs that are bent on transforming the entire African continent. 

We are driven to design impact solutions that integrate many diversities to generate positive outcomes, and we do this through our four impact initiatives.

Afro Bu
Creative Studios.

Developing and designing impact-based solutions that address some of Africa's social, environmental, and economic challenges.

Afro Bu
Impact Labs.

Researching into current and future social, economic, and environmental dynamics in the continent. Measuring impact outcomes of manufactured solutions.

Afro Bu

Manufacturing and scaling impact solutions throughout the continent.

Afro Bu
Social impact

Mentorship and training for Africa's youth through our impact solutions. 

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